The Snow Must Go On!

Over an epic wintery weekend coinciding with a milestone birthday for Duo Rêves' very own company Enchantress, we presented a big show for a corporate event at Seattle's posh W Hotel.

The swanky setting leant itself well to a circus vibe. Incidentally, the building is also sandwiched in between two more hotel venues at which we had made very recent appearances.

Pink Roses for a Special BDay

Pink Geometry at W on a Snowy Show Day

That same weekend, snow began descending from the heavens, threatening the ill-prepared city of Seattle with cold and chaos. Word on the street was that mass event cancellations were to go into effect in response to the flurious weather. Indeed, our performance at an event the following day was rescheduled for a later date.

Video Above: Snow dancing about the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, where we had danced together just six days prior. Lil' snow won't hurt ya.

But the party monsters at Adaptive Biotechnologies were undeterred by the unfavorable weather. True troopers, they braved the snow and ice to come out and party like it was...2019.

And so despite snowmaggedon pandemonium in the Pacific Northwest, the day, night, and entire weekend went off without a hitch. We gratefully experienced the world-class hospitality of W Hotel, along with the festive crowd from Adaptive Biotechnologies.

Our performances included ambient sets and a featured show including aerial arts, Cyr wheel, sword dancing and more. Starring Eric the Invincible and Quynbi, the glowing Birthday Girl, Duo Rêves loved spending time together at their favorite place: Onstage!

Backstage Selfie!

Wishing everyone near and far minimal stress and maximum magic in the winter wonderland!

And remember, as they say: The Snow Must Go On!

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