Duo Rêves in 2018

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Reflecting on another fantastic season of aerial dance, corporate event entertainment, wedding entertainment and more!

Photos from Duo Rêves performing aerial dance, corporate events, and wedding entertainment
Duo Rêves 2018 Year in review

As the sun made its course across a mighty sky and the moon watched on, we've spent another twelve months together filled with gratitude, creating the works of our dreams only thinly disguised as entertainment.

The Winter Solstice is a time for reflection and deep contemplation, as we gather our energies for the coming seasons. We celebrate the tradition of reflecting upon the past four seasons and ahead toward our newest opportunities. We offer well wishes to our beloved ones, to our dear clients who aid in the support of our vision, and to the world.

2018 presented abundant creative opportunities and challenges. From our performances at wedding receptions, fashion shows, and corporate events, to the Moisture Festival, and our bimonthly residency at Bellevue's swanky Suite Lounge, we’d like to share some of the highlights from 2018.

Aerial Silks... on Ice!

We ushered in the chilly year with an all day show in snowy Leavenworth for the Bavarian Ice Festival. Yes, this was a January outdoor event, the audience populated with locals, tourists, and an array of massive ice sculptures! Let's be crystal clear about the freezing temperatures: said ice sculptures did not melt. But of course, the show must go on. Duo Rêves performed modified versions of our aerial acts bundled up in layered costumes, and then enjoyed a scintillating fireworks show as night fell upon us.

The Flight of the Angel

The annual Venetian Masquerade Ball, known as Venice is Sinking, was another of our mentionable 2018 works. Our second consecutive appearance at this luscious Seattle soiree was met with much merriment from bedecked revelers, and later afforded us with a gracious shout out in Seattle Magazine. We were nothing less than honored when event organizer Tracy Klinkroth requested for us to create our own interpretation of the Italian Volo dell'Angelo (Flight of the Angel). A memorable act indeed, especially as the six-foot scarlet feathered wings we built just for the number still dominate our costume shop! We will be performing a more earthy skill set at the 2019 Ball, but be sure to attend for some additional excellent talent on February 9.

Aerial Dance, Shadow Play, and Fairy Tales

As Spring bloomed, we performed in Vancouver, B.C. for another of our corporate clients. We presented our version of the beloved Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, complete with an enormous beast mask, an even larger golden yellow ball gown rigged with an aerial harness, and a fantastical shadow theatre production that we created just for this awards ceremony.

Foot in the Door: Visual Arts

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival featured our painting The Court Jester at its elaborately decadent showcase this Spring. We were thrilled to present rarely seen work from a decidedly different side of our career as visual artists.

Busking in the Summer Sun

As the weather warmed, we spent many a sunny hour in the city parks about Seattle,

performing amid bright manicured lawns, shady trees and other flowering greenery. Eric showed off alluring juggling skills with Quynbi's beauteous assistance; we performed acrobatic dances, hand balancing, wing dancing, and more.

Surprise! Aerial Wedding Entertainment

Autumn brought us opportunities to entertain and celebrate at two very special unions. One was a lovely wedding at the plush Lairmont Manor in Bellingham. The other was a gorgeous reception at Seattle's Fremont Foundry Events. We mention these two together not only because they were weddings, but both were surprise aerial performances for the guests and for the grooms, orchestrated by two clever scheming brides! How did they pull it off? Just ask.

Cirque Style Corporate Event Entertainment

The holiday season is a bustling time for most everyone, and our business is no exception. Despite impulses to settle in and envelop in cozy for the Winter, the holidays are a busy time.

In early December, we designed an hour long circus show with a Vintage Cirque motif for a corporate event. Eric fulfilled the role of the circus Strong Man, while the Ring Master was embodied by lil' Miss Quynbi. Along with a collection of aerial and floor acts, we showcased our full production capabilities with a featured cirque show, curated music, custom costumes, house-constructed props, dynamic lighting and atmospheric effects, and other such magical antics. And as they say, a great time was had by all.

As the wheel of the year turns ever onward, we are excited as we look ahead. We wish you and yours all the best for the present moment and the coming seasons alike!

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