Internationally acclaimed Duo Rêves (formerly The Innamorati) is the creative collaboration of Quynbi and Eric Esteb. They have been poetically described by Edward S. Koizumi as "abiding in a dimension of dramatic radiance and diminished gravity.” Ballet Master Finis Jhung was “hypnotized” after watching their acts and referred to them as ”uniquely theatrical and stunning.” Duo Rêves have been performing together since 2013 on their invented hybrid aerial apparatus, the dragonfly, among many other unique airworthy contraptions.


The duo starred together on their Aerial Dreamcatcher in Stardust Particles' "A Brush with Death," a short film created for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project. Photos of their act, Zianaa's Gem, captured by photographer Jiamin Zhu, were featured in Vogue Italia's online platform.  They have appeared together at Seattle’s world famous Moisture Festival on several occasions.


Quynbi was featured in Aerial Arts International Magazine, who described her as "One of the aerial world's most glamorous artists, with a style all her own.”   She once created a piece for astronauts George "Pinky" Nelson and Bonnie Dunbar at the Museum of Flight. She has graced the stages of The Moore Theater, the Triple Door, the Showbox and Teatro ZinZanni, among many others. Aside from aerial dragonfly, silks, lyra, strabric, aerial gem and dreamcatcher, Quynbi is also a professional dancer, published writer, artist and model, exhibited painter, licensed skydiver, and former tattoo artist.


Eric Esteb has credits including Teatro ZinZanni, The Cabiri, 5th Ave Theatre, Seattle Opera, Northwest Ballet Theatre, and The Triple Door, among many others. Aside from aerial dragonfly, silks, straps and lyra, Eric is also a martial artist in the Chángquán discipline, a fire dancer, knife juggler, unicyclist, stiltwalker, handbalancer, high baritone, licensed pilot and certified flight instructor, guitarist, figure skater, tap dancer, Gregory Award Winner for Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role, and winner of Best Choreography in the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project.

This is what the freedictionary has to say about aerialists:





Aerial dance looks very pretty and it's a lot of fun," says studio owner and longtime aerialist Kimberly Sende.


But I'll side with the Weld runner Tadaany, fourth to Captain Power in his comeback run after a gelding operation but earlier a close third to Aerialist and Ardhoomey in a Gowran maiden.


A pair on a rope left us with hearts in mouths as they plummeted to the ground, a performer in a hoop defied the laws of gravity and an aerialist combined balletic grace and brute force to pull off a stunt with an ironing board that left us all steamed up.


After all, the seventh generation aerialist had made a career out of such things, with his most recent stroll taking him across Niagara Falls.


Aerialist Nik Wallenda's tightrope walk over a gorge near the Grand Canyon drew nearly 13 million viewers to the live television broadcast.


Washington, June 24 ( ANI ): Nik Wallenda, an American aerialist, completed a 1,500-foot high-wire walk across Grand Canyon live on Discovery Channel.


HIGH FLYER Aerialist Jackie Armstrong VETERAN Zippo's Circus Ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE GAME FOR A LAUGH Zippo''s Circus.


Baltimore-area native Buffy Hornung, who has performed as a dancer and aerialist internationally, co-produces the Party Animals with her husband Mark Allen Ruegg, and performs as one of the Silk Sisters during their high-energy concerts.


95, 10 minutes) is inspired by the daredevil feat of French aerialist Philippe Petit's 1974 high wire walk between the World Trade Center towers.


The pioneer aerialist and outspoken activist Christian Fletcher is now aligned with the NHS Santa Cruz program.


When the prowling aerialist senses the faint echoes bouncing off one of these prey, he turns toward the target, quickens his chirp rate, and homes in for the kill.


And according to Oxford Dictionary an aerialist is




1.a person who performs acrobatics high above the ground on a tightrope or trapezes.


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